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I Atmospheric hydroxyl (HO or OH) is a free oxygen that naturally I exists in the troposphere of the atmosphere. When the ultraviolet I energy of sunlight and abnospl:eric water vapor and ozone are at certain wavelength and specific frequency, they will reacts and a certain wavcicngtn ana spcctnc Frequency, tncy will reacts ana I releases natural hydroxyl free radicals. Pollutants in the air float to I high altitude and come into contact with hydroxyl radicals. Free Radicals can be cleaned up, known as nature's cleaners. I Although the hydroxyl group stays in the atmosphere for a short time, it can capture and decompose viruses, bacteria, molds, peculiar smells and volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde, I ammonia and ammonia in the air and on the surface of objects I through active methods. Radon, sulfur dioxide, bcnzcnc syncs, ctc. Hydroxyl radicals are an important pan of the biological system, and I ensure that the atmospheric air is suitable for human habitation by I decomposing hamiful substances. The final products after decomposition are: water, oxygen and inorganic salts.
From HINI, SARS, MERS, until the current coronavirus that humans are fighting against, caused 4.25million of deaths. Test report: for ultraviolet, ozone, quality inspection, CE FCC, ROSH, TV( formaldehyde,benzene, coronavirus, etc.
Germs and viruses: kill coronavirus, kill bacteria, avoid cross-infection and decompose 'lV(X: (decomposition of formaldehyde, ammonia nitrogen oxide sulfur dioxide, benzene series ammonia, methyl alcohol and other volatile organic compounds and harmful gases). Removal of respiratory diseases and allergens: prevention and treatment of respiratory diseases, pollen , Skin allergies, no ncondary pollution: Actively release the roadbed in the space and the surface of the object, without ncondaiy pollution. Peculiar smell: smoke, peculiar smell, odor, musty, etc. are effeclix ely decomposed and removed.

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